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Client Referral Program

Refer a business using the form below, and when we match one of our carefully selected associates with the business you referred, we will contacted & rewarded with the Applicable Bonus*

Refer a Client

Client Referral Program

Client Referral Program

Axius client referral program, it’s a way for us to continually serve our existing clients, make new connections and impact worthy organizations around the world.

Program Rules

Participating Axius  offices implemented the following Client Referral Program for eligible Axius  Clients and certain Axius  brand employees who refer a business to a separate business unit. When an eligible participant refers a business to a separate Axius  business unit, he/she will be eligible for a charitable contribution to be made in their name provided all other criteria are met in accordance with this Program.

Only certain Axius  brand employees are eligible to participate in this Program. Axius  Corporate staff and Axius  branch office staff are not eligible to participate.

  1. Clients
    All current and former Axius  Clients are eligible to participate.
  2. Axius Corporate Employees
    Current Axius  Corporate and branch office staff are not eligible to participate in this program, with the exception that current Rx relief, Axius  Financial and Insurance Relief employees are eligible for referrals to a completely separate business unit and only if they would not otherwise be eligible for incentive compensation if the referred business places a job order. For example, an Rx relief employee would be eligible for a charitable donation to be made in their name when a potential new client is referred to Axius , a placement is made, and all other criteria are met.
  3. Others
    Any other person who is not affiliated with Axius  is potentially eligible to participate.