Advisory Capability

Scale Up Business Deliveries With Capable Recommendations

Technologies are revolutionizing every sector, and the rate of adoption and expertise of emerging tech leaves a talent-to-tech gap for many. At Axius, our advisory services help bridge this gap and support you to reach business goals. Our team of proficient and independent experts leverage their subject knowledge across diverse business verticals. They accelerate deliveries, improve productivity, backed with technical expertise for you to stay ahead in the competitive environment.

Scope Of Expertise In Our Capacity As Advisory

We develop an appropriate IT strategy considering the latest and must-have technologies in the market.

We mitigate IT risks and improve control across business processes which in return saves your time and money.

We help you reduce the expertise gap and improve collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing which paves the way for innovation.

Matching talent acquisition and management with business operational roadmaps in order to complement goals and objectives.

Outsourced Engagement

Smart Engagements To Resolve Your Talent Needs

Our strategic partnerships provide meaningful collaborations where expectations of delivery and results are very clear from the beginning. We help you with selecting the best engagement models that suits your business in every aspect of end-to-end recruitment process. Our engagement models are transparent to both parties which provides a strong governance for all aspects of the relationship.

Our Engagement Models At A Glance

Tactical engagement models:

Typically the quick-response to talent/resource needs for short-term and one-off projects.

  • Staff Augmentation: Evaluation of your existing staff and then determining carefully what additional skills are required.
  • Project Based: The time bound engagement model effective for projects where requirements are not likely to change during the development process.
  • Tactical Consultancy: A number of value-added services with respect to the access to expertise not available in-house.

Strategic engagement models:

If your requirements are frequently evolving or you require a long-term support, then strategic engagement models are best for your business and process needs.

  • Offshore/ Nearshore Development Center: This model can accommodate a high variety of projects and activities such as new product development, legacy modernization and maintenance, testing services and other long-term activities.
  • Product Development Services: An entire product life cycle outsourced – designing, co-creating, and ensuring a product’s optimization and sustainability.

Center Of Innovation

Develop Present Solutions & Innovate Emerging Tech

Axius is a rising of service delivery company. Our center of innovation plays a prominent role in delivering services and value to organizations. Our main purpose is to leverage economies of scale, creating efficiencies and allowing the expertise of a small number of specialists to be available to the larger organizations. We are continuously adding value to our services and develop outcome based processes which prove beneficial to our partners.

Our Approach Towards Innovation Center

Providing expertise as a human resource business partner through project participation or consulting.

Facilitating knowledge sharing across the organization.

Designing and driving initiatives that reshape the talent landscape or core talent processes of an organization.

Different projects supported with modularized teams under one roof.

Let Us Bridge Your Technical Gaps With Our Talent